Not quite ready to make the leap and buy a horse? Our working loan scheme might be just the thing for you - ride your horse or pony six days a week and spend unlimited amounts of time loving and caring for him or her.

We have several riding school horses and ponies available for working loan. 



BARNEY - Barney is a 16hh 4 year old, who needs an experienced rider to bring him on. Barney is a absolute lover but is very green so will need an experienced hand to bring him on. He will give someone great satisfaction as he improves with his ground and ridden work. 

JASPER - Now this one is just stunning. He is a 16.2hh piebald hunter. He will require an experienced rider. He responds amazingly to hacking and will happily take the lead! He has has a great jump on him and will go far in the right hands. His manners are impeccable as well. He loves to be loved and will give you as much love back as you give him!

SPOT - Spot is a 4 year old, 17+hh, potential eventer. Although he suffers with locking stifle I have seen him jump up to 6 foot with ease! This horse would be amazing for someone who is quite an advanced rider who would want to event. We would also help with Spots potential as an eventer and would have no issues with joining some competitions such as showjumping, cross country etc.