You may have heard of The Pony Club, or maybe not, but it is an international organisation for young people who are interested in ponies and riding.

There are area branches, all over the country, where young people with their own horses can take part in shows, rallies and even camps.

Brook Stables is a Pony Club centre for those who do not have their own horse or pony, enabling children to take part in lots of fun activities involving stable management and riding.


Just like pony club branches, we work towards achievement badges, progress and efficiency tests.

The achievement badges include non-equine badges, such as bird watching and map reading, and equine badges, for example handling and grooming and mucking out.

The progress and efficiency tests involve both stable management and riding. They go up in levels. Bronze, Silver, Gold and E, D, D+, C, C+ and so on. As your riding develops and your stable management knowledge increases, you can progress through the stages.


During the school holidays, we hold Pony Club test days where the members can do a badge or two and even take a progress or efficiency test. 

We also have Pony Club fun days, which can involve jumping, dressage and mounted games. These fun days give a young rider a good idea of what a real show might be like.


You don't need to ride with us to join, but it is preferred if you can ride. If you would like to join Brook Stables Pony Club, please pop down and visit to collect a membership form. You can come to a Pony Club session to see if you like it, then you just need to complete the form and send off for membership, then the fun begins!